Saturday, November 20, 2010

HOM Training Ride

Think you might want to do the 4th Annual Hell of the Marianas? You'll get your chance tomorrow morning when riders from across Saipan gear up for the most difficult race in Micronesia with a full-course training ride.

Bring your bike and your drinks to Micro Beach tomorrow morning at 6am and join your fellow riders on a quest to reach your best along the actual course that riders from across the planet will cycle on Saturday, December 4th.

From the HOM website:

The actual race begins at 6:15am in front of PIC and initially heads north to the Chalan Piao intersection and makes a U-turn back to the start and proceeds south into the village of Koblerville toward the Saipan International Airport. From the airport, the course continues uphill towards the eastern fringes of the island, through the residential villages of San Vicente, Papago and Kagman toward the Lao Lao Bay Golf Resort. From the golf course, the bikers proceeds north on Isa Drive and descend down to the Kingfisher Golf Course entrance and make the U turn, scaling the long, windy road uphill to Capitol Hill. At the bottom of Capitol Hill, the course converges onto Chalan Pale Arnold Road to the next check point high atop Radar Hill in As Matuis. The last portion of the race appears as a tourist map to Saipan’s infamous historical and scenic sites, including Suicide Cliff, Bird Island, Grotto, Banzai Cliff, Beach Road and back to PIC’s finish line.

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