Sunday, October 31, 2010

Ride 'Round the Ridge

Date: Saturday, Nov. 6, 2010
Location: Marpi, Saipan
Start/Finish: Saipan Radar Station

Registration 6am
Race Start: 7am

$20 Registration Fee

$10 Students

Our local athletes are hungry for the challenge and adventure that awaits them at starting lines across our island. Our efforts to satisfy their never ending search have led to the creation of a new mountain bike course that will offer riders of every experience level in the Ride ‘Round the Ridge.

The Ride ‘Round the Ridge (nicknamed the Triple R) is a locally organized and locally supported off-road cycling event in Saipan’s scenic Marpi area that offers local and international athletes of every experience level a reason to get fit, stay fit, and live a healthy lifestyle all year long.

The adventure begins at Saipan’s mysterious radar station where bikers will rocket down the coral road from the top of the As Matuis ridge line down to the Sirena, Kalaberra Cave, and emerge from the shadows of Suicide Cliff along the double-track course at the Bird Island Lookout. A glance to the right will provide a breathtaking view of Saipan’s untouched wilderness and unrivaled beauty.

The race continues along the paved road until the riders reach the Kimikaze Trail. A left turn delivers challenging single-track and a daunting climb along the most technical section of the course. Once they reach the summit, the riders will turn left onto the paved road the leads to Suicide Cliff and zip down 300 meters of straightaway before turning left onto the coral road that follows the Marianas Country Club.

Once they reach the million-gallon water tank, the riders will turn left once again and climb towards the Radar Station. Those opting for the Sport Course will revel in their victory while those looking for the ultimate challenge will begin a second lap on the Championship Course.

The Ride ‘Round the Ridge also serves as a tune-up for local competitors preparing for the upcoming Hell of the Marianas, XTERRA and Tagaman, and provides recreational riders with an opportunity to enjoy another quality local event.

Our marketing strategy includes direct promotion to riders from Guam, Japan, Korea, Russia and the United States for the 2011 event through mailings, video, email, as well as word of mouth solicitation to create another signature event for the Commonwealth that will bring recognition and sports tourists to Saipan.

While promoting the beauty and adventure available in the heart of the Marianas is at the core of our motivation, the Ride ‘Round the Ridge offers another opportunity for local residents to witness firsthand the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

Promotion of the Ride ‘Round the Ridge is meant to be another weapon in the Department of Public Health’s arsenal as physicians continue to wage a war on diabetes in the Marianas. Upon completion of the race, we plan to continuously develop the Ride ‘Round the Ridge into one of Saipan’s signature events with the complete support of the local community.

Cash and prizes await the racers as well as a chance to win a Cannondale F9 mountain bike from Saipan Bike Pro!

Micro to Marpi Group Ride Draws Huge Turnout

SAIPAN, MP-Approximately 70 cyclists owned one of the northbound lanes along the seven-mile stretch of Chalan Pale Arnold (Middle Road) on Sunday en route to Banzai Cliff to express their intent to keep Saipan's northern end development free.

The cyclists turned out to show support for the CNMI Zoning Board's recent decision to block the encroachment of local business into Saipan's last remaining rural areas that has thus far staved off attacks from overzealous land developers.

Sunday's ride demonstrated the level of popularity that cycling has achieved in the Marianas and the pack of riders was an impressive sight for onlookers who caught a glimpse of Saipan residents live their healthy lifestyle.

The final destination was the same for all of the riders, but organizers offered three courses for road bikers, mountain bikers and newcomers to the sport. The road bikers stuck to the pavement as they raced up to Suicide Cliff, Bird Island, and the Grotto while the mountain bikers turned up the FEBC coral road, navigated down the Kimikaze Trail single track, shook off the mud on the way to Santa Claus Lane en route to the Cowtown Trail.

While the experienced riders answered Marpi's challenge, the newcomers enjoyed a straight shot from Garapan to Banzai Cliff and waited to the pack to regroup before the return trip.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Volunteers Needed

We've been invited to participate in a Health Awareness Fair that's happening on 20 November 2010. This could be a great opportunity to begin spreading the word about bike safety for bikers and drivers. We have a few people who have volunteered to print our materials, just need people to develop pamphlets, posters, bumper stickers, etc. Email me at if you would be willing to help develop materials or be able to man a Bike Safety Awareness booth on 20 November.

Share the Road - thanks Kieran for putting this together!