Bike Safety Public Survey 2010

1.  Age: ____       
2.  Sex: M or F

3.  Do you bike on Saipan? Y or N                               
     Do you have children that bike on Saipan?  Y or N

If no, skip to question 9. 

4.  I generally bike for (check all that apply): 
o   Recreation 
o   Transportation 
o   Fitness

5.  I generally bike (check all that apply): 
o   Early morning 
o   Daytime 
o   After dark

6.  When I ride, I try to ride with traffic or against? _________

7.  Do you use the bike path on Beach Road to ride? Y or N

8.  Where do you bike (check all that apply): 
o   Middle Road 
o   Beach Road 
o   Back Road 
o   Marpi area 
o   Kingfisher area 
o   Laolao area

Skip to question 10.

9.  If you (or your children) don’t ride, why not?  (Check the top two reasons or check “No bike available”): 
o   No bike available 
o   Don’t like biking 
o   Don’t feel safe on roads 
o   Not sufficient bike lanes/shoulders 
o   Destination is too far 
o   Weather in Saipan

10.  How far is your drive/bike to work/school? 
o   Less than 2 miles 
o   2-5 miles 
o   5-10 miles 
o   More than 10 miles

11.  When passing in a car, how much space do you feel you should you give a biker?  __ feet

12.  Should bikes be allowed on roads with cars?  ________________________________________________________

Bikers, go on to question 13.  Non-bikers, please skip to question 14.

13.  As a biker…
I generally feel safe riding my bike in Saipan.  Strongly Disagree/Disagree/Unsure/Agree/Strongly Agree

I avoid biking on certain roads due to traffic.  Strongly Disagree/Disagree/Unsure/Agree/Strongly Agree

When riding, I obey traffic laws such as stop signs/lights and turn lanes.  Strongly Disagree/Disagree/Unsure/Agree/Strongly Agree

When riding at night, I always use a headlight, head lamp or other light. Strongly Disagree/Disagree/Unsure/Agree/Strongly Agree 

14.  Are you, as a driver, pedestrian or biker aware of any specific bike safety issues, concerns or obstacles?  Please describe below.

14.  What steps can be taken to reduce accidents involving bicyclists? (Educational programs, road improvements, stronger enforcement of existing laws, etc.)

15.  Name three rules of the road related to bicycles: ________________________________________________________